About The GameAbout The Game

Aurory is a JRPG computer game where people will evolve in a rich and diverse universe. In this world, you will discover Antik and Cryptos, two different areas and biomes. You will meet several NPCs and the mystical creatures that are living in this world, called Nefties. Throughout your journey, you will own Nefties and use them to fight in awesome battles.

Aurory uses play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn tokens and NFTs while playing the game. Aury, the in game currency, will allow you to buy items from other players in the marketplace, while also directly benefiting from the growth of Aurory. Enter the worlds of Antik and Cryptos to join the amazing community of pioneers from the play-to-earn space!

Aury, our token, is built on the Solana blockchain, offering scalability and low fees for an optimal user experience and a low barrier to entry. The Aurory Marketplace will be the central hub for players to buy, sell, and trade items, Nefties, consumables, and cosmetics. The marketplace is powered by Serum, a decentralized exchange platform optimized for near-instant settlement.

Multiple Game ModesMultiple Game Modes

Aurory is developing a free-to-play solo game mode as well as an extensive PvP mode. In this multiplayer mode, you will fight other players with your Nefties in order to climb the leaderboard and reach the highest rewards. If you manage to do so, prepare yourself to be covered in gold!

Players will also have the ability to stake the Aury tokens won in both game modes. Staking will make players eligible for NFT drops, as well as allowing users to earn yield based on the volume of the marketplace. Aury tokens will also be needed to compete in the multiplayer modes.